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9000 Members Choose Pay Your Way Prepaid

9,000 Flint Energies members have chosen “Pay Your Way” prepaid electric services as an option to traditional electric bills, which is more than 10% of the total membership of the electric cooperative. According to Sr. VP Jimmy Autry, their electric rate is the same, but those members are no longer subject to due dates, late fees, or disconnect fees. The Pay Your Way service began in January of 2012.

“We had been billing electricity in the same way for 75 years,” said Autry. “Usage has been measured with a meter and we rendered a bill after the fact.” This after-the-fact billing could provide surprising bills that did not fit into the member’s budget, he said.

Pay Your Way is a great service for members who are paid once or twice a month and their due dates do not match their paychecks. Many members who are paid each week on Fridays find it easier to pay smaller amounts each week instead of being hit with larger monthly bills, said Autry. “But members can choose any day to pay for electric service.”

“With Pay Your Way prepaid billing, the member chooses when and how to buy electric service,” said Autry. “Unlike traditional post-pay accounts, Pay Your Way allows members to pay for their electricity before they use it. This approach gives the member more flexibility and control over the use of electricity.”

Any Flint member that has a 200-amp single phase, non-demand residential account is eligible, Autry stated.

“Pay Your Way electric service uses the same rate as post-pay service so there is no additional cost to signing up. Existing members can convert their accounts to Pay-Your-Way service by agreeing to the terms of agreement and placing a minimum of $50 on the account for daily usage,” Autry said.

Unlike traditional accounts, Pay Your Way does not require a $250 deposit and members are never penalized for disconnects and reconnects, according to Autry. Member accounts that wish to convert to Pay-Your-Way but have an overdue balance can be paid in full prior to converting or they can choose the Debt Management option of Pay Your Way service, he added.

Once implemented, payments can be made at Flint Energies offices and remote payment stations (RPS) during normal working hours. Payments can be made 24 hours a day via credit card, debit card, or check through the automated call system at 800-342-3616, or online at Cash, credit card or check payments can be made 24 hours a day at one of the PaySite kiosks (three at the Member Center in Warner Robins, one in the headquarters in Reynolds, and several others around Houston County). Thousands of Flint members are now paying for service on their iPhone or Android smart phones, using the free Flint Energies app.

“When a Member signs up for Pay Your Way service they will be asked to set up alerts and reminders on their account,” said Autry. “Alerts can be sent in any combination using push notifications, text messaging and emails.” Available alerts include: Low Balance Threshold, Service Connected, Service Disconnected, Service Reconnected and Payment Confirmation.

If a member’s account funds run out overnight, the service is disconnected at 10 am the next morning. Members will receive low balance alerts prior to being set to disconnect, and will receive alerts once the power has been cut off. Members can recharge their account at any time; day or night, online, by phone, at a kiosk, or at Flint Energies offices. Upon the payment being processed service will be automatically restored within about thirty minutes.

“Flint Energies is in the business of meeting member needs,” Autry added. “Pay Your Way is another value-added benefit which proves we are looking out for our members’ best interests.”

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