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Flint Donates $10,000 to Museum of Aviation

Flint Energies donated $10,000 to the Museum of Aviation to assist in the construction of an outdoor classroom for use by Middle Georgia students. Flint made the contribution from funds generated by its former members’ unclaimed capital credits.


“Flint Energies focuses on improving the quality of life for Middle Georgia residents. We invest heavily in education, as it is one of the seven cooperative principles co-ops were founded on,” said Flint VP of Cooperative Communications Marian McLemore. “We believe that this outdoor classroom will inspire the next generation to find ways to improve existing or create new renewable energy and agriculture technologies.”


The new, completely self-sustainable outdoor classroom will allow students to learn about renewable energies, like wind and solar power, through the use of solar panels and wind turbines. A water filtration system will supply filtered rainwater to the outdoor sink, greenhouse and herb garden. Students will learn about soil erosion, weather and conservation efforts through agriculture classes that will include hands-on herb and vegetable gardening, greenhouse farming, sustainability and space conservation. The classroom is the newest addition to the Museum of Aviation’s Education Center.


The Center operates interactive programs focused on Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) and history-focused education programs and field trips for learners ages 4 to adult.


About House Bill 431

Signed on May 4, 2005 by Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue, House Bill 431 allows Flint Energies to retain unclaimed capital credits for the sole purposes of funding education, economic development and 501(c)(3) charitable organizations in our service area. Flint Energies refunded these capital credits in 2011 and unsuccessfully tried to find their owners.


“Capital credits (a.k.a. “patronage dividends”) are margins over and above the cost of providing service for members in a specific year, after our financial obligations have been met,” said McLemore. “According to unique cooperative business principles, capital credits may be returned to each member on a pro-rata basis on a schedule determined by Flint’s Board of Directors.”

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