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Flint Energies continues restoration

Approximately 2,898 consumer-members, mostly in the eastern part of the Flint Energies service area, remain without power as of 10 a.m. today. Now that many large circuits and primary lines have been repaired, several crews will focus on secondary lines and individual services. Chief Operating Officer Ty Diamond says that although more than 16,000 services have been restored, the work is far from over.

“Yesterday, Flint linemen, along with crews from Arkansas, Tennessee, North Carolina and Kentucky, restored power to thousands of our members,” says Diamond. “We started yesterday with more than 19,000 members without service and early today we began with 3,162. This will still be a multiple day event. We will continue to work around the clock until all service is restored. We want to thank all members for their patience.”

According to, Hurricane Michael, a Category 4 hurricane, was the third most intense by pressure to hit the continental U.S. and fourth strongest by maximum winds on record. The storm triggered tornados, broke poles, snapped lines and damaged equipment. Watch for downed power lines, as they conduct electric current strong enough to cause injury or death. Be alert to the possibility that tree limbs or debris may hide an electrical hazard. Treat all downed or hanging power lines as if they are energized. Lines do not have to be arcing or sparking to be live. 

To report an outage, members should go to, use the Flint Energies app or call 888.354.3836.

About Flint Energies

Flint Energies is a community-focused electric cooperative owned by its consumer-members in parts of 17 central Georgia counties. Flint employs 232 employees and serves more than 89,500 electric meters. We are 100% locally controlled and democratically governed by nine Directors elected from among the membership. In 1937, Flint Energies was created to bring people together to meet common needs like reliable electric energy, and our mission remains focused on improving the quality of life in Middle Georgia. Flint Energies is an equal opportunity provider and employer. Follow Flint on Twitter and Facebook.


Marian McLemore, Vice President of Cooperative Communications, 478.218-5600, [email protected]

Jennie Lacey, Manager of Cooperative Communications, 478.218.5529, [email protected]

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