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Water Heater Warranty Program

Flint Energies

Electric Water Heater Warranty Program

Phone: 800-342-3616
Fax: 478-218-5539

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By clicking Submit below, I agree to participate in the "Water Heater Warranty Program". I agree to pay Flint Energies $3.49 per month per water heater for service. I understand that this amount will be included on my monthly electric bill for as long as this agreement is in effect.

Conditions of Service

  1. Program is for homeowners only and for electric water heaters only.
  2. Water heaters must be in working condition and not leaking at time of enrollment. The Water Heater Warranty Program is for the repair or replacement of electric water heaters only. Flint Energies expressly exludes any other plumbing or electrical system repairs or code-required upgrades from this agreement.
  3. Flint Energies and its designated contractor agree to have faulty water heaters repaired or replaced, except where failure to perform is due to conditions beyond Flint Energies' or its designated agent's control.
  4. Member is responsible for installing the "Request For Service No." sticker on the water heater.
  5. Enrollment period is for a minimum of sixty (60) months.
  6. Some limitations may apply.
  7. This offer is subject to change without notice.

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